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Playing & learning

Educational games are a great tool for building foundation of many sub-skills that today's elementary school curriculum requires. We aimed at universal design to bring about a special, customized application suitable for a major range of users. Novel, diverse approach assuring continuous attention. It motivates by immediate feedback, provides reinforcement on the correctness of the respective solutions. 

  • Being digital in a smart way
    Nothing fits more to the children of our age, than digital technology. Playing & learning online.
  • Professional content
    In a cooperation with conductors of the András Pető Institute and practicing Special Education Needs teachers.
  • Reliability
    Being in the educational market for 25 years, educating and working together with the teachers.

Sub-skills development games

Age 4-14


Részképességek fejlesztéséhez



Mascots of Spec Learn

Highlighted development areas

  • mathematical skills
  • dyscalculia
  • dysgraphia
  • logical thinking
  • visual and auditory attention
  • observation
  • temporal orientation
  • general knowledge
  • working memory

Basic skills development games

Age 3-10



Hungarian awards
International awards