Bead Factory

Bead Factory


Basic skills development

Age: 4 - 14


Highlighted Development Areas:

  • visual seriality
  • creativity
  • spatial orientation
  • visual attention


  • planar orientation
  • various gameplay modes
  • optional errorless learning
  • vocabulary expansion
  • quantitative comparison
  • observation
  • comprehension
  • concentration
  • eye-hand coordination
  • different difficulty tasks
  • mathematical skills
  • working memory
  • visual attention
  • relational vocabulary
  • problem-solving skills
  • form perception
  • visual perception, discrimination


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The Bead Factory utilizes the beads' playability to develop the children’s imitation ability, visual seriality, and observation capabilities. While children with typical development have imitation implanted in their environment, children with autism often require to be specifically taught. Different play modes give everyone the ability to find a challenging task among the broad spectrum users. They need to pick the beads according the given rules (copying a specified line, color or shape selection, transformation), but it is also possible to create freely.