Cakes with Shapes

Cakes with Shapes


Basic skills development

Age: 3 - 14


Highlighted Development Areas:

  • planar orientation
  • recognizing letters, numbers
  • mathematical skills
  • form perception


  • various gameplay modes
  • observation
  • concentration
  • spatial orientation
  • eye-hand coordination
  • different difficulty tasks
  • visual attention
  • relational vocabulary
  • visual attention
  • visual perception, discrimination


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This game can be used to enhance the recognition and differentiation skills between the various shapes by the child. It is recommended for children of both kindergarten and early primary school age, with both typical and special development needs. It is recommended for children with dyslexia and dyscalculia. It aims to enhance and improve the child’s general relation to numbers, letters and shapes, via practicing how to recognise the same in various specific situations, under the game.