Basic skills development

Age: 4 - 14


Highlighted Development Areas:

  • emotional intelligence
  • pairing
  • observation
  • working memory


  • planar orientation
  • various gameplay modes
  • optional errorless learning
  • vocabulary expansion
  • concentration
  • spatial orientation
  • general knowledge
  • eye-hand coordination
  • different difficulty tasks
  • visual attention
  • form perception
  • visual attention
  • visual perception, discrimination


Oktató videók



The Emotions game is recommended for people with autism, who find it difficult to recognize the facial expressions. The task is to pair the facial expressions. There are two difficulty levels to choose from: the simplier one (upside down cards) and standard memory game (down cards). The variety of gameplay is ensured by the variety of faces. The game offers great opportunities for observation, attention and memory development. Errorless learning is optional. It is a great way to avoid frustration and making mistakes, but it allows users to experience a sense of accomplishment during the gameplay.