Guesser Scanner

Guesser Scanner


Basic skills development

Age: 4 - 14


Highlighted Development Areas:

  • vocabulary expansion
  • comprehension
  • visual attention
  • relational vocabulary


  • planar orientation
  • conceptual thinking
  • general knowledge
  • problem-solving skills


Oktató videók



Categorizing is very difficult for children with autism and / or with late speech development. We recommend this game to expand their conceptual system, improve their thinking, improve their visual and auditory attention. Learning of objects, creatures, parts, functions takes place in a playful way from several aspects. Different levels of difficulty allow the game to be widely used. It has the opportunity of errorless learning, which ensures the pleasure of the game and keeps up the motivation. The success of the game can be measured when the children are able to actively participate in the conversations because they are able to talk about the living things and objects that they’ve gotten familiar with from many sides.