Mini Market

Mini Market


Basic skills development

Age: 4 - 14


Highlighted Development Areas:

  • concentration
  • logical thinking
  • working memory
  • visual attention


  • optional errorless learning
  • vocabulary expansion
  • auditory memory
  • speech comprehension


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The Mini Market is an exciting game for auditive memory development. It is especially recommended in autism, in rehabilitation or in post-brain recurrence and for seniors. On the market, you can choose between vegetables, fruits, flowers and ice creams. Users need to memorize the list of items in the correct order. The goal is to develop the listening attention and the work memory. Various difficulty levels are available, and there is also a passageway between them. The number of successful responses define the next exercise, so it can be even easier or harder. During the gameplay users can choose the errorless learning option to keep up the motivation and to avoid the frustration and the errors.