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Safari Train 123 Click to enlarge

Safari Train 123

€ 0.00 (€ 0.00 + VAT)
Model: BD-TO0125

Sub-skills development games
Age 6-14 


Highlighted development areas:

  • mathematical skills
  • visual attention
  • quantitative comparison
  • serial orientation

Additional benefits:

  • visual perception, discrimination
  • planar orientation
  • problem-solving skills
  • general knowledge


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This game is meant to enhance the child’s use of number series, via practicing the use of the multiplication table, and its lines. The Safari train, with its passengers, and the wild animals will all provide an exciting setting for this exercise, for the child. The child will need to put the wagons onto the rail track, with the numbers matching the right slots, and then provide assistance to the passengers to get onto the right railcar, matching their ticket. On the number series, the King of the animals will jump to the right number, to illustrate how the multiplication table lines work. Via a regular use of this game, the child’s skills in recognising the numbers in a series, and understanding how the multiplication table works, will be enhanced.